Daily Shows and Education


Daily Shows and Education

  • Animal Patting

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    Animal Patting

    Available all day. Join our friendly farmers up at the nursery to meet and pat some of our farm favourites. It's a great opportunity to get up close to some of our sheep and goats.

  • Cow Milking

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    Cow Milking

    If you think milk comes in cartons from the shops then you need to join in on our cow milking demonstration and talk. Please note that during the week there is only a morning milking demonstration. On weekends, an afternoon milking is also available.

  • Tractor Ride

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    Tractor Ride

    You won't want to miss the chance to take a ride in our tractor train as one of our farmers drives you through some of our paddocks and tells you a bit about the farm. On busy days extra rides are put on so we can get as many people as possible out for a ride.

  • Stock Whip Show

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    Stock Whip Show

    12:30 pm

    Get a cracking, learn how and why we use whips on the farm, then watch the farmers show off their stock whip skills, if your keen you can even try it yourself. Until stage 4 the stock whip show will be demonstration only.

  • Working Dog Show

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    Working Dog Show

    1:00 pm

    Dogs aren't just great pets and best mates, they're also amazing workers. Watch how our farmers work with their dog to round up sheep and learn how important working dogs truly are.

  • Sheep Shearing Show

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    Sheep Shearing Show

    1:30 pm

    Have you ever heard the saying Australia rode on the sheep's back ? Don't miss this demonstration to learn about the art of shearing and watch our farmers go to work.

  • Koala Talk

    Koala Talk

    2:00 pm

    Join us for an educational talk where you will see our koalas up close. Climb into learning about their unique adaptations and behaviours, what threats they face in the wild and how we can make better choices to help.