If you would like to give us some feedback on the existing programs or make any suggestions we would love you to fill out the survey below to help us improve our service to you.

    1. How do you make decisions on excursion location?

    2. Would it be beneficial to include a number of subjects on your excursion?

    If YES what subjects could you combine, please tick as many that apply

    3. Would FREE entry for all NSW Teachers assoc members to an excursion destination be an incentive to visit a location prior to the excursion?

    4. Is this necessary to visit a new location before booking an excursion?

    If YES what are you looking for when you visit?

    5. Is it feasible for a school Principle to support the return to the same location for an excursion for Stage 1 and then again Stage 2 or 3 if there were specific excursions that catered for the Key Learning Areas and Outcomes for these different stages?

    If No please give a reason why not:

    6. Would you be interested in Professional Development Training accredited by University of Sydney Institute of Sustainable Solutions on 'Teaching Sustainability'?

    Aside from Risk assessment an easy booking procedure and information what further information do you require when booking an excursion?

    7. Please provide the following information

    School type:
    Please tick
    Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
    If you want any further details please contact Noah via email nmoseley@calmsleyhill.com.au