Earth Hour 2011

Calmsley Hill has registered for Earth Hour 2011 and will be turning off our lights on March 26

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Sustainability requires a collaborative effort. It needs a stage for all the “actors” to showcase their efforts; a location for disciplines to congregate to solve complex, multifaceted issues.

Calmsley Hill provides that focal point to bring together resources and funding from private sector sponsorship, philanthropic donations, and Government and Research grants under the umbrella of Sustainability.

It is a place for businesses seeking “Smart Partnerships” to meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals. Calmsley Hill is somewhere companies can do “good business” while creatively addressing Sustainability, a critical issue facing both business and society.

Key, Calmsley Hill is a place companies can develop plans for long-term CSR commitments where the entire workforce can be engaged and be seen to lead by example.