Animal Updates

New Arrivals

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January has seen the opening of our new Red Fox Display, the birth of Piglets and a couple more Calves.

In the next month or so we’re expecting the arrivals of Kid goats, Calves, more Piglets and of course Bunnies, So if you can’t get out now don’t worry there’s always something new here at the farm.

August ,Sept 2015 Spring has kicked in early here at the farm with the arrival of heaps of kid goats, piglet’s, a calf (a super cute Jersey bull calf) and all the normal bunnies and chicks.

August 2015 Starting to see the arrival of some Lambs here on the farm check them out in the nursery.

July 2015  Come and check some of our new baby pigs, they have a great range of markings and all super cute. Not to forget the Puppies we have here at the moment awaiting new homes.

January 2014, If your kids are pig crazy head down to the farm ASAP to check out these guys…

November, well the Lambs continue to arrive as do the bunnies, chick and ducks… still waiting on pigletts. See the photo below of how our Tawny Frogmouths are growing up or visit our facebook page for more photos of them.

October, Hi All well the Lambs and kid goats continue to arrive and all the Calves and other babies from the winter birthing are really enjoying the nice warm days. To add to our range of native animals we have a few new additions Jerry the Redneck Wallaby and a couple of Tawny Frogmonth chicks.

September’s babies have continued to arrive with a few more goats, heaps of lambs but the new favorite goes to Dallas (the Shetland Pony) new foal which was born over the weekend.

More August babies some needing a helping hand into the world click here to see the video

Well August has followed the lead of July, with the arival of another Calf, heaps of new lambs (there’s about 60 odd out in the paddocks and about five in the nursery) plus in the last few days we have seen the birth of a number of kid goats. Below is a photo of one of them.

Last week in July has seen the arrival of two new Calves here on the farm, below is a photo of Pumpkin and her new calf.Pumpkins new calf

Late July, Winter lambing is still going well here at the farm and we have a few Potty Lambs making a new home for themselves on the main lawn outside the nursery. Potty lambs are what we call orphan lambs it happens quiet often when Ewes have multiple lambs and abandon or reject one of their young, on a normal or larger farm their outlook would not be too good but here we pick them up and hand raise them till they are ready to join the mob.

July, Come on down to checkout our latest new display, located under the wall tower is our new aviary stock with almost 30 finches made up of Gouldians (in the photo), Zebras and Double Bars. It’s a great enclosure and the singing for these little birds is fantastic ! reminders me of a outback billabong at sunrise.

Winter lambing has started here on the farm over the next few months we’ll expect to birth at least a few hundred new lambs here on the farm below a a photo from one of our remote field cameras. These camera take a photo via a motion trigger and get some great images. Along with the arrival of all these new lambs we will see the regular arrivals of new kid goats, duckling and chick’s. We’ve also expecting a new calf in the next month or so and more pigglets can’t be to far away either.

A couple of new lambs born last week, photo taken via remote field camera.

The first week of May has been another busy one for births with more Kid Goats,  a Calf and Ducklings and Chicks.

April School holiday arrivals Lady (goat) delivers a couple of new kids to dozens of onlookers.

It’s not really a new arrival but we have just finished building / expanding our outdoor goats enclosure.

Feb 21st our new  piglets mark their one week birthday.

What’s new on the farm, you ask  ? Well last week (2nd week Jan) we had a new pride of Peachicks born and they are doing well. Our Peacocks and Peahens “free range” at the farm so keep your eyes peeled and I’m sure you’ll spot them. As always we have have heaps of Kid goats, Lamb, chicks and Bunnies so please drop in to say G’day.

G’day all once again the updates have gotten away from me, but happy to report that yesterday (7th Aug) we had a new Foal born, we’re giving them a bit of space (but you’ll see them from the tractor ride) so we’re not sure if it’s a boy or girl yet.

Winter lambing is also going well with about 4o odd new lambs on the ground with new ones being born most days, they are in the paddock next to the tractor ride which has been a real bonus with lambs being born a regular sight.

Great news from the farm, we got to start the day with two new calves born overnight. Both are doing well.

Pumpkin and calf born 8th June 2012

Isabelle and calf born 8th June

Welcomed into the world this morning is a new Damara Lamb

Born 30th May 2012

Both mum and lamb are doing well and I know I say it all the time but it’s super cute all black with a white tipped tail. The Damara breed keep their tails (unlike many other breeds) as it is where the breed stores their body fat…. for times when feeding is not so good, not that that is ever going to be the case here at the farm but they are well suited to harsh grazing environments. We’re all very excited to have a few new additions here on the Farm ! Firstly we have add a small herd of Black Angus Heifers to our wide collection of cattle.

Plus over the last few months we’ve added a couple of new horses to keep Charlie and River company.

And not to forget a new kid goat that is stealing everyones hearts… so cute.

Farmer Andrew with a new kid goat

Wow !!! hard to keep this up to date!

Where to start well we’ve got a couple of new Jersy calves up in the cattle pens, whilst their older cousins have been moved down the the front paddocks near the gate to help keep the ever growing grass in check. We have a new litter of Bunnies just born n the last couple of days (bit early for Easter.. but still nice to see). Throw in an array of other farm animals and a few Roo joeys just starting to spend time out of the pouch for good measure and we’re quickly running out of names !

Spring is here at the Farm.

Not only do we have over a 100 new Lambs on the ground and expecting that number again in the coming months but we have a new Shetland Foal to mark the start of Spring.

Shetland Foal

New Baby Rabbits July 2011Come and visit the Farm theses school holidays and you might be able to see our new baby rabbits, a lamb and some kid goats.

Milly and Molly

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions for the names of our new Puppies Milly and Molly was the most popular.

Name our TWO new puppies April 2011

Our two new pups are settling in with Tara and Ben. We need your help naming them so come and visit us at the farm and enter our naming competition the best suggest will win a annual pass for themselves. Hint….They are working dogs (both female) so short names which are easy to yell are the best.

Baby piglets born in November 2010

Last month we were lucky to have two litters of piglets born at Calmsley Hill. There are only 7 of the original 16 left so come and see how quick they grow and how much noise they make!

New additions to the Calmsley Hill Family Oct 2010

Calmsley Hill welcomes ‘Rudie’ our new Razorback pig. He is quite friendly and loves eating pasta and laying around in his hay bed for most of the day. Come and say hello when you are next at the Farm he is next to the other pigs (one of whom is pregnet!!) just around the corner from the cow milking, he is quite a sight to see.

New Puppies Sep 2010

There were 7 beautiful puppies born at the farm earlier this year only some of them taking after her Mum in colouring. They have now all been sold and are all enjoying their lives with their new families. We still have working dogs on display at the farm.

Baby lamb @ Calmsley Hill City Farm Aug 2010

Pollywaffle is our newest lamb at Calmsley Hill she is very unique with her tight merino fleece and she is very friendly come and say hello she can usually be found in the animal nursery.